My Plan To Fix Connecticut’s Economy

"Connecticut's economy continues to lag behind the rest of the nation because one-party has had control of the state legislature for forty years and the Governorship for a decade. We need greater balance and more bipartisanship to get our state moving forward. I will get to work on day one to pass policies that will lower the tax burden on working families and those on a fixed income, create better-paying jobs, and rein in wasteful spending."

Taxes, Jobs and the Economy

Connecticut’s main problem is a lack of job growth and a stagnant economy that has led to higher taxes on working families and businesses. While the rest of the U.S. has recovered from the Great Recession, Connecticut is still struggling. As a result, people and businesses are moving out of Connecticut at an alarming rate.  This has led to higher taxes on the Connecticut’s businesses and residents that remain here. To address this, I will be focused on structural spending reform, lowering the regulatory burden on Connecticut’s small businesses, and ensuring we put aside more funds to pay down our unfunded liabilities instead of kicking the can down the road to our children and our children’s children.  Only when we show our businesses and residents that we are serious about reform will they be serious about growing and staying in Connecticut. With a healthier state economy, we can lower the crushing tax burden on all of us.

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