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Jim Feehan is a husband, father, small business owner, retired firefighter and veteran. He is dedicated to serving Stratford, his home for more than 27 years.

Jim is a proud graduate of Norwich University (the oldest private military university in the U.S.).  While at Norwich he joined the United States Marine Corps. After serving as a Marine, Jim continued his commitment to service by becoming a professional firefighter. He was a firefighter for 35 years and retired with several commendations as a Lieutenant in the Stamford Fire Department.

Today, Jim continues to serve those that protect our communities through his own business that specializes in repairing fire equipment and apparatus for fire departments across the country.

Most importantly, Jim is dedicated to serving the community where he lives and raised his family. Jim served Stratford for nine years as the 9th District Councilman including two years as Chairman.  While Jim had numerous accomplishments while on Council five items for which he is particularly proud.  

  • Presiding as the only Council Chairman in the history of Stratford to deliver two consecutive unanimous budgets 

  • Founding and leading the restoration of our World War II monument that was destroyed.  

  • Managing our pension bond crisis in the 90's that resulted in tax decreases to the citizens of Stratford.  

  • Leading the change in the form of Stratford local government from a council/town manager to a more democratic mayoral form and putting out the question to a referendum vote by the people.  

  • Protecting the people of Stratford by standing up to a racist hate group that tried to make Stratford it's new home.


Jim also served four years on the Board of Education where he was Chairman for two years.  Jim’s accomplishments include:

  • Leading the creation of a five-year Strategic Plan for our school district.   

  • Fighting to protect our children's education from Bridgeport's attempt to take funding from our school district.   

  • Instituting yearly audits to ensure that all children attending our school district live in our town.

In 2018, Jim ran for State Representative to serve Stratford once again. Jim believes that Connecticut is headed in the wrong direction and that the needs of Stratford and the 120th District are being sacrificed for political gain. 

Unfortunately, on Election Day, a balloting issue occurred where 76 voters were handed the wrong ballot.  After a recount, it was determined Jim's opponent won the election by 13 votes. Yet, the votes of 76 residents of the 120th District were never counted. The House of Representatives under Democratic leadership failed to address the situation.


Jim said in his announcement, “After consulting with my family, friends, town leaders, and citizens, it is clear that the issues concerning voters across our district are not being addressed by the current occupant of the seat and his political allies.  Recent election victories prove that people are waking up across Connecticut. I am therefore seeking the support of voters across our district to make restoring Connecticut a reality.”  

Feehan resides in Stratford with his wife Karen and his three children Brianna, AJ and Abby.


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